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Learning Day Program

The Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre hosts high-quality programming each day. Our facilitators and volunteers are highly trained and caring individuals with a vast variety of experiences working with diverse populations.

Community of Hearts provides an inclusive and safe learning environment where participants are encouraged to work towards independence and self-reliance both in the program and beyond. The Learning Day Program operates Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 3 pm and is focused on creating experiences for participants to continue learning, growing, and engaging in the community around them. Each day is full of opportunities for developing healthy social interactions and conversations as well as engaging, responsive project and subject-based experiences. Here are just some of the learning areas we are exploring this semester:
Nature Studies

Learn about animals, plants and nature from in our community and around the world.

Representation In Media

Explore media such as a show, movie or article and use critical thinking to discuss the themes

Countries and Culture

Explore places, spaces and traditions around the world.

Fitness and Wellness

Support your mental, physical and emotional wellness through fitness, stress, management tools, and mindfulness strategies.

Meal Preparation Cooking

Gain the confidence you need to prepare and cook healthy meals for yourself and others!

Understanding your Emotions

Learn about identifying emotions, coping strategies to manage your emotions and the importance of self-care.

Friendships and Dating

Develop and practice social skills for friendships, dating and professional settings.

Art for Wellness

Explore art practices for personal wellness, enjoyment and collaboration.

Safe and Healthy Home Routines

Develop skills for keeping your room and home safe and healthy through our home routine.

Finance and Budgeting

Explore topics such as budgeting, money safety and different strategies to manage your money.

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Learning Day Program operates Monday to Friday here in our Lifelong Learning Centre, offering Life Skills based programming centered on creating experiences for participants to continue learning, growing, and engaging in the community. This program places emphases on reducing social isolation and improving professional and social networks.

Our Learning Day program is person centered, focusing on improving Life Skills and increasing community engagement. Horticulture Therapy & Gardening, Arts & Creative Expression, Health & Wellness, and Employment Readiness are some of the topics covered in Learning Day Program.

The flow of the learning experience may feel a little different as staff and participants take time to clean and sanitize throughout the day and become more acquainted with our “new normal.” More details and information on our updates/health and safety protocols can be found in the 2023 Registration form as well as the FAQ Page attached to this email. As always, you can reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Registration can be completed by emailing [email protected]
Please include:
– Your chosen day(s) to hold your spot in the Community of Hearts’ Learning Day Program
– Updated 2023 Registration Form
– Proof of Vaccination (please see FAQ sheet for details)

We look forward to connecting in person!

The Community of Hearts’ Board of Directors

Registration Form 2023

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Try Community of Hearts out this March Break and find the best fit for innovative learning this spring! Give us a call at our Lifelong Learning Centre (519-826-9056) to find out more about the high quality, unique life skills programming we offer in our Learning Day Programs, Monday-Friday!