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Day Programming

Lifelong Learning Centre

The Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre hosts high-quality programming each day. Our facilitators and volunteers are highly trained and caring individuals with a vast variety of experiences working with diverse populations.

Community of Hearts provides an inclusive and safe learning environment where participants are encouraged to work towards independence and self-reliance both in the program and beyond. The Learning Day Program operates Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 3 pm and is focused on creating experiences for participants to continue learning, growing, and engaging in the community around them. Each day is full of opportunities for developing healthy social interactions and conversations as well as engaging, responsive project and subject-based experiences.

Winter and Spring 2019


Join us for our Learning Day Program during your time off of School! 


High School Exam Days and P. A. Days                                                       March Break Days                                

To submit an application for the Learning Day Program, click here.

A typical day encompasses many of the following:

  • Morning discussion
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Fitness program
  • Relational Skills and Social Skill development
  • Critical Analysis and Literacy
  • Meal preparation and safe food handling
  • Life skills and routines for maintaining a clean and safe space
  • Applied language and mathematical scenarios
  • Creative expressions and art
  • Community engagement opportunities

Contact us to book a tour or for more information. To submit an application for the Learning Day Program, click here.

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