Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently on hold until further notice. We look forward to reconnecting in person soon. Questions can be directed to [email protected]

Independent Hearts

Are you a person with developmental exceptionalities looking to increase your independence and develop your life skills? 

Then the Independent Hearts program could be right for you! Our newest program gives adults with developmental exceptionalities the opportunity to practice their independent daily living skills and live on their own in a safe and supportive environment.

Who is Independent Hearts for?

This program is for any adult with developmental exceptionalities who wish to learn new independent living skills, develop their current skills, and gain experience to live on their own. This program is designed for adults with any level of experience including; anyone planning on living on their own for the first time, those who would like to live in modified living, with a partner or roomate, or those looking to gain indepenence in the home they are currently in.  

How does this program work?

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to live independently.  We work one-on-one with you, your Direct Support Professionals and caregivers where you live! Together we create an individualized plan that supports you to achieve the level of independence you desire. You can sign up for a package of lessons & add additional lessons as needed. Each lesson includes 3 hours of learning, plus tools to continue your skill building.

Follow these steps:
1. Contact your Independent Hearts Program Coordinator.
2. Book your first in-home meeting on our online calendar.
3. Life Skills Educators do an initial in-home visit to meet you & your supports; get a sense of the learning environment & discuss your goals.
4. Book your lessons using our online calendar.
5. Life Skills Educators deliver individualized lessons that meet your needs & work on specific life skills.
6. Receive your progress report with individualized tools & recommendations for next steps along your independence journey.
7.(Optional) Add additional lessons to fine tune your skills.