Independent Hearts

Are you a person with developmental exceptionalities looking to increase your independence and develop your life skills? 

Then the Independent Hearts program could be right for you! Our newest program gives adults with developmental exceptionalities the opportunity to practice their independent daily living skills and live on their own in a safe and supportive environment.

Who is Independent Hearts for?

This program is for any adult with developmental exceptionalities who wish to learn new independent living skills, develop their current skills, and experience what it’s like to live in their own home. This program is designed for adults with any level of experience including;  anyone planning on living on their own for the first time, or those who would like to gain indepenence in the home they are currently in.  

How does this program work?

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to live independently. We work together with participants and their caregivers to set goals and we work to reach those goals within an eight week program. Within these eight weeks we provide one-on-one support and resources so the participant can learn what they most need to feel confident, empowered, and gain independence. Participants also have an opportunity share and practice their skills with a housemate, giving them the social skills practice and experience of living with others. 

We provide a house (located in the Junction in Guelph) and a one-on-one Life Skills Educator who will work with the participant to help them develop skills like: cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene, grocery shopping, riding transit, budgeting, and any other independent living skills the participant wants to learn. Independent Hearts is the only program in the Guelph area that allows participants to practice living on their own in a safe home, practice roomate skills, and take part in a program written around their own goals!

If you’d like to support this community – based program you can do so by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign or contact us for other ways to get involved! Stay tuned to what’s happening in the Independent Hearts house and follow our fundraising journey on our blog.