Mission & Vision

Lifelong Learning Centre

What We See & What We Believe

Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre fosters independence by providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for adults with developmental exceptionalism while enhancing the participants’ social, emotional, physical and cognitive development by building confidence and promoting self-reliance. Community of Hearts envisions an inclusive community that embraces and supports the independence of every citizen.

We Believe…

That All People Have Inherent Value and Can Contribute

Each person has a purpose in life, the potential to develop and to contribute, and is worthy of achieving a positive quality of life within their community.

That Each Person is Unique

We understand that each individual in our network has unique skills and abilities. As an organization we strive to support each individual from a person-centered perspective that is flexible, responsive and based on evidence.

In a Culture of Innovation and Learning

We believe in the importance of developing an organization that fosters innovation, provides continuous learning opportunities and utilizes best practices while working collaboratively within the Guelph/Wellington community. In Fostering Support Networks We believe that dedicated and diverse networks are instrumental in enhancing a person’s quality of life and that collaborating and partnering in order to access all of the community’s resources and supports will achieve the best outcomes for COH’s participants.

In the Importance of All Individuals and Their Contributions to Community of Hearts

People supported, their families, staff, stakeholders and volunteers are all important and valued contributors to the delivery of quality services, as well as in the governance of Community of Hearts, and the achievement of its Vision and Mission.