Coffee with Kelsey #1

For my first interview, I interviewed Ward 2 councilor Mark MacKinnon. I asked various questions about Guelph and politics. Mark is a very interesting person, and he has contributed much to the community of Guelph. Mark is currently sitting on Guelph Council and has invested himself into the opening of THE BOARDROOM – a sit down game cafe. Below are some of my favourite questions and answers from our interview.

  • 1.Who was your life hero? 

  • I don’t really have a hero but I greatly admire Steve Jobs for his entrepreneurial guidance of Apple from near bankruptcy to the largest company in the world

  • 2.What is the greatest thing you have ever done all by yourself? 

  • Potentially saving my 11 yr old son Robert’s life using the Heimlich manoeuvre when he was choking on a hamburger.

  • 3.Why live in Guelph? 

  • After graduating university here, I started a publishing business.  Then marriage, family, house, kids, etc. and leaving was never something that I gave a second thought.

  • 4.What is your favourite game to play? 

  • I love the board game called Agricola.  It’s a heavy strategy farming game that offers so much thinking opportunity.

  • 5.Socks or Barefoot? 

  • Socks. I don’t like the feeling of bare feet.

  • 6.Suit or T-shirt? 

  • Suit.  I love the classy look.

  • 7.Dogs or Cats? 

  • I prefer dogs, or at least the romantic idea of owning a dog, but cats are more independent and fit into my current family life better.

  • 8.Given the chance to speak to the entire world, what would you say (20 words or less)?  

  • Give. Money, time, love, compliments, smiles, compassion, attention.  Just give. Because we have enough to share